MEDIUM: ‘DAV PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL’ is completely English Medium School based on C.B.S.E. curriculum.
    INCULATION OF DIFFERENT VALUE: The school plays an important role to inculcate different values in students like values of high moral, obedience to their elders, Indian culture and overall discipline.
    COMPUTER  & SCIENCE LAB : It has a well equipped and developed computer & Science laboratory for the pupils.
    EDUCATIONAL TOUR : The school plans regular picnic & educational tours for the pupils. They are taken to historic places, museums, factories & important monuments.
    SCHOLARSHIP : It is one of the unique feature, of our school. Every year school selects some students on the basis of merit list through G.K. Contest for scholarship in four groups.
    TEST SERIES: For final year student arranges a number of tests on the pattern of Board Examination which makes our students able to fetch high marks.
    SOME OTHER IMPORTANT FEATURES : Art Competition / Math Quiz /Science Quiz contest Debate Contest / Language Skill Test.
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