About Us


The School was established in 2007.Today it is considered as the finest school at Hilsa around.
It is running through Dayanand Amrit Varsa Educational & Charitable Trust (Reg. No. 4050/13) assisted by a competent managing committee. It has maintained a high standard of education. A dedicated team of qualified teachers has made this DAV PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL the first choice for educated Guardians.

What is Super-30?

Super – 30 is a concept on which DAV PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL has been running since 2007.
A Concept of keeping optimum number of students in each class – only 30.

Why only 30 students in each class ?

Different students have different problems. And every student should be given sufficient time to interact with the subject teacher regarding their particular problems. It is possible if limited students are kept in all classes.
Students  are  getting  more time of  their concerned expert  teacher by  Super – 30 concept  in  aboratories, computer, music
drawing and other vocational classes.
So considering the strong moral academic foundation of our students, Super – 30 has been running at Hilsa since 2007 as “DAV PROGRESSIVE SCHOOL”  in two sections.

Class I to Class V    : Junior Section


Class VI to Class VIII    : Senior Section

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